Senior Researcher and Data Scientist

Name: Luca Perrozzi, PhD

Experience: +10 Years

Main Skills: Big Data, Software Development, Deep Learning, Communication


Dr. Luca Perrozzi is a Senior Researcher and Data Scientist with a PhD in Particle Physics. After studying in Pisa and Padua, two of the top Italian Universities, he moved to Switzerland to join CERN as Research Fellow and then ETH Zurich as Research Scientist.

He has over 10 years’ experience in Data Analysis and Visualization at the CMS experiment at CERN, making use of Machine Learning and Cloud Computing to extract insights from extremely large and noisy datasets. He has been responsible for various phases of software development cycle, has experience with all the aspects of the Big Data Value Chain and Data Strategy policies, and complex computing infrastructures.

In 2018 he played a pivotal role in the measurement of the interaction between recently discovered Higgs boson and the bottom quark. His contribution was recognized with several invited seminars around Europe and dedicated journal articles.

In SamurAI, he worked on the development and mantainance of a machine learning cluster at a client site. He excelled at this, delivering what was expected in less than half of the time. He also contributed to the development of the trading platform using sentiment analysis techniques. Finally, he provided a 40-hour course on Deep Learning applied to natural language processing and object detection.

95% Machine Learning
95% Software Development
90% Docker Containers
70% Soccer