Physicist with a fable for business oriented problem solving

Name: Eckhard Kühn

Age: 39

Experience: 10+ year

Main Skills: Project Management, Analytical Problem Solving, Data Analysis, Coding


Dr. Eckhard Kühn graduated in theoretical semiconductor quantum optics at the Philipps University of Marburg, Germany. In his doctorate thesis he analyzed non-equilibrium states of semiconductor laser systems seeking a better understanding of their behavior under extreme pumping conditions to optimize high power applications.

After a short post doctorate, he joined EY in 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany in the financial accounting advisory services. There, he developed tools for automation of the audit of security portfolios of large financial industry mandates and participated in advisory projects with local specialized banks.

After that, he took responsibility for the technical development of an automated classification engine for securities under the then-actual IFRS 9 draft.

In 2011, he moved to EY Financial Services Risk Advisory in Geneva. While as well being involved in regular as well as special regulatory audits of international banks, he focused on large fast pace, data driven projects investigating and remediating tax fraudulent bank clients. He gained extensive project management experience, developed data analytics and project supporting tools, and was responsible to represent his team’s work up to top management.

90% Project Management
95% Analytical Problem Solving
80% Data Analysis
65% Cooking