Theoretical Physicist & Data Scientist, always eager to apply advanced analytical technics to solve challenging problems

Name: Santiago Codesido Sanchez, PhD

Age: 29

Experience: 7+ years

Main Skills: Advanced analytical technics, statistics, machine learning, Python, Scala, Java, R


Phone: +41 786 790 538


Available for Consulting Work


Santiago Codesido Sanchez showed an extraordinary propencity in quantitative subjects since an early age, obtaining several medals at the science olimpics in physics, mathematics and biology. Graduated in physics at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, he collaborated with several european institutions such as CERN and GSI.

In 2017, he obtained his PhD in theoretical and mathematical physics at the University of Geneva. His work resulted in 4 major publications as first author. Following his drive for interdisciplinarity, he joined the department of Analytical Sciences of the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Western Switzerland, where he currently provides his support to the metabolomics group by performing big data analysis, numerical simulations, and database design.

Learning new programming languages and paradigms has been a longtime passion of his, starting even before the one for physics. In recent years it has led him to machine learning, both due to its increasing applications and the theoretical foundations of neural networks. Since 2019, he started a collaboration with SamurAI to work on machine learning and digitization of paper documents.

When he needs a break, he enjoys playing his bass guitar, cooking Galician dishes, and developing his own videogames.

95% Mathematical Modelling
85% Machine Learning
80% Software Development
65% Bass Playing