Process Automation with Excel

Photo Excel 1 course - 2018

You'll be able to :

  • Use Visual Basic (VBA) to automate processes in Excel
  • Use VBA in real-world projects

  • Requirements :

  • Have an intermediate level of Excel proficiency
  • Have a laptop
  • MS Excel 2016 installed

  • Course features

    Lecturers     Valerio Rossetti ,     Ali Ben Ayed
    Training Sessions     Monday and Wednesday, 7pm-9pm
    Location     Coworking Voisins , Geneva
    # hours     40
    Max Participants     15
    Language     English or French
    Full Price Registration     1600 CHF


    This course is intended for anyone who wants to develop fundamental and largely used digital skills. MS Excel is among the most useful tools in workplaces across the world. Learning to confidently handle data with Excel means adding a highly valuable asset to your professional life.

    This course will guide you through one of the most powerfull Excel functionalities: Visual Basic or simply VBA. A big fraction of the course is devoted to hands-on sessions in which you will be confronted with realistic projects. The course includes two full-immersion Saturdays of 8 hours each. This session is dedicated to more complex and time consuming projects.

    This course is tailored to professionals, who want to enrich their quantitative skills and gain confidence in the use of Excel.

    How it works
    How to works
    You can pay immediately if you think you have the right skills for the course. You will receive a confirmation message. If you are not sure, you can ask for an assessment. We will meet you and discuss how you fit the requirements.
    How to works
    Connect with amazing peers
    During the course, you will interact with professionals coming from different sectors of the professional world and academia. Working together and making small projects is the best way to learn.
    How to works
    Your progress will be monitored throughout the course and you will present one of your projects to experts in the sector. In case of positive results, you will receive a certificate of completion that shows that you have mastered the subjects of the course and that you are able to master the subjects of the course.

    Photo Excel 1 course - 2018

    This course is made for professionals who want to gain confidence with Excel. If you are struggling with Excel everyday at work, or if you have never used it but you think it will enrich your set of skills, then this course is for you and you can register now.
    We, typically, do not accept people only for a few modules, as we think that a full grasp of the course is necessary to be able to understand the techniques to apply in the real world. Moreover, by only taking up a selective number of modules, we will not be able to give you the certificate at the end.
    You will need a laptop with Windows, MacOS, or Linux installed, together with MS Excel 2016.

    Photo Excel 1 course - 2018