Boost your Quantitative Skills with SamurAI

Would you like to make a career transition into data science or acquire advanced analytical skills that can make you have an impact on your job? We offer several courses that will suit your needs.

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eduQua certified

All the knowledge transfer activities at SamurAI are certified by eduQua, the Swiss quality label in continuing education and training.

Grow the Data Scientist in You

Quantitative skills are a strong asset for your present or future career. The courses offered by SamurAI give you an extraordinary occasion to keep up with the technological revolution of the hottest subjects in the industry.

Applied Machine Learning

The emphasis is on the application of machine learning techniques in the industry. That is why a third of the classes are dedicated to hands-on sessions and full-immersion days, in order to experiment with the complexity of analysing real-world data.

Dedicated Lecturers

Our instructors are highly skilled practitioners in the field of data analytics, machine learning and data science in general; many of them have taught at leading academic centres of excellence around the world. They bring their expertise to empower you with the new skills that you would like to acquire.

Pedagogical Strategy

Our training programs use the state-of-the-art techniques for teaching to adult professionals. For example, we encourage the participants to give comments on the training programs and we improve them based on their feedbacks. More details on our pedagogical (or better, andragogical) strategy can be found at this link.