Full-stack Data Scientist with a passion for Deep Learning

Name: Fabio Capela, PhD

Age: 33

Experience: +10 Years

Main Skills: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Python, R, C++



Dr. Capela is a Senior Data Scientist with several years of experience in diverse sectors such as Finance, Digital Construction Processes, IT Consulting and Allergen Monitoring.

He has over 10 years of R&D experience in Mathematical Modelling. His PhD was in black hole physics; he worked within the laboratory of Professor Englert in Brussels, where he had the lucky opportunity to drink champagne with the man during the week that he received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism. After his PhD, he had a postdoctoral stint at the University of Cambridge in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in the group that was led by Professor Stephen Hawking.

There, he continued his research on theoretical cosmology, with a special emphasis on computer simulations of the early evolution of our universe. Some implications of his research are still being investigated today.

He has an extensive experience of developing customer-centric products from the backend to the frontend, such as chatbots and web dashboards streaming live data. Before creating SamurAI, he worked for big corporations and small startups, where he played a leading role in the production of machine learning systems from data pre-processing to model production at scale.

95% Machine Learning
80% Parallel Computing
90% Programming
60% Guitar