Join the Data Revolution with SamurAI

How to optimize the trade-off between minimizing the downside risk and supporting business objectives such as increasing revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction? How can you implement your data strategy? How to gain valuable insights from data?

As a consulting firm specialized in data science and management, we provide you with our expertise for a full implementation of data-driven projects, from strategy to deployment.

Operational Excellence

We are dedicated to meet your highest expectations through the continuous refinement of operational processes.


Our algorithms are backtested and cross-validated to ensure consistent performance through time.


The tools and algorithms that we implement always keep an audit trail and log files to have an accurate audit of your overall system.

Data Exploration

The first step is always to understand your business need: what are your business objectives, your requirements, and your business success criteria. The second step is about collecting, exploring, and assessing your data. Thirdly, we select, clean, and integrate your data into our model.

Model Creation

Our added-value is that we understand that data changes over time and our models automatically adapt to the new information that comes out of new data. Moreover, our algorithms give you the underlying reasons behind why particular decisions were taken.

We use state-of-the-art security because we understand that your data is your most valuable asset. Moreover on-premise implementation of the selected models is also possible.


Ultimately, we support you to fully own the deliverables and their future use as well as their development after we leave. We help you to define your deployment plan and provide you with the key elements to secure the relevant change management. This means that we will document the process, but might also entail to train the key users and monitor the solution deployment via custom-based reports and relevant KPIs.

At SamurAI, our deep conviction is that knowledge has to be transferred. During our collaboration, we continuously share all the details about our work and our analysis. At the end of the project, we enable you to be fully autonomous.