Junior Machine Learning Engineer

Name: Marwan Keraim

Experience: 1 Year

Main Skills: Software Development, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing

Email: marwan.keraim@samurai.team


Available for Consulting Work


Marwan first started to work in Computer Science with two internships made during his high school diploma. Thanks to this experience, he was able to acquire knowledge deeply rooted in practice, whether in the fields of IT networks or programming.

He then continued his studies with a Bachelor in Computer Science with a specialization in software and complex systems. A first collaboration with SamurAI took place during his bachelor thesis. This consisted in analyzing the sentiment of social media and optimising the analysis for the tourism industry. During this period he joined the research group of professor Guido Bologna at HEPIA in Geneva.

He is now a part-time student of the Master in Computer Science at the University of Geneva, specializing his studies in Natural Language Processing.

In October 2021, he has joined SamurAI to work on the Big-Data and AI products of the company. He is also available for consulting work in the areas of Data Management, Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

95% Software Development
95% Machine Learning
90% Web Applications
70% Cooking