Efficient Automation with Chatbots

With the advent of machine learning and deep learning techniques, chatbots can now have highly engaging conversations, through voice or text that are customizable to several cases. Among the most widely used cases of chatbots, we have customer services, personal assistants and enterprise automation. SamurAI creates chatbots that are specific to your business case.


Our chatbots are able to receive voice or text in your language of choice. They can also be embedded in the system of your choice, i.e. web browsers, chat platforms, or in mobile devices.


Thanks to the progress that has been made in the field of AI, our chatbots are able to improve with time and usage.


The chatbots that we produce always drive the conversation forward. They will help you and your clients be informed about new deals, offers and events.

Manage your KPIs with our chatbot

It is quite difficult to be able to manage KPIs across several business lines and platforms. Did you think about giving that job to a chatbot? You can indeed connect your different platforms into our chatbot and it will do the job for you.

Once that is done, you'll be able to ask questions about revenues, sales, etc, to the chatbot and it will answer automagically. Want to give it access to some members of your team, but not all? Not a problem: a few clicks and it is done. Moreover, you'll be able to monitor the metrics that you are interested, send you weekly or monthly reports and much more.

Automatize customer services

Customer service staff are easily overwhelmed with a lot of repetitive questions and tasks from clients. You can help your staff by giving those mundane tasks and questions to a chatbot that will take care of everything.

The machine learning algorithm implemented in the chatbots allows to answer a large portion of questions that clients ask typically. Moreover, when it is not able to answer the questions, it sends a notification to the team that will take care of it. The chatbot will also be able to prioritize questions for you and send the requests that list higher to your customer service team.

Provide bank account assistance

Chatbots can help manage the bank account of your clients by warning them about potential frauds or dangers within their bank account. As an example, the chabot can send to your client a message if a payment was done from a particular location in Europe. With the information received from the client that he is indeed/not at that place, you'll be able to act much faster. You can take a step further and give your client suggestions on what financial products to buy, or the breakdown of the money spent.

With a sophisticated AI algorithm merged into the chatbot, you'll be able to analyze frauds and anti-money laundering patterns, while having automated trading and 24/7 personalized assistance provided to your client. For a better service, for a faster execution.