Andragogical Guiding Principles

(Andragogy = Pedagogy for adult professionals)

The values of SamurAI are reflected in our andragogical strategy:


  1. Adapt the andragogical methods to the specificities of the digital world to foster the anchoring of skills.
  2. Improve based on the evaluations of past trainings.
  3. Implement training offers taking into account the characteristics of the adult learner.
  4. Limit the number of participants to ensure a personalised follow-up of the evolution of learning.


  1. Guarantee a safe space in which participants can freely express themselves.
  2. Listen to the learners and consider their needs and remarks.
  3. Take into account the diversity of participants and adapt learning methods.


  1. Integrate the findings of research and the professional practice of trainers into the contents of the training.
  2. Connect the learning process to the professional practice of learners to improve the knowledge transfer.

Other guiding principles

  1. Support and encourage exchanges between participants to share their experiences and practices.
  2. Conduct ongoing formative evaluations on the transfer of learning in practice.